2015 School accountability report card (SARC)

Salvador is an Artful Learning School! This comprehensive school model is specially designed to engage students at a deeper level of inquiry and understanding than can be achieved with standard educational approaches. By providing educators with a unique framework to present academic content, Artful Learning links the arts and the artistic process to the daily classroom learning experience. Artful Learning employs an interdisciplinary approach that is anchored by a central Concept while posing a Significant Question that allow educators to teach a broad spectrum of rigorous academic content. Studying through the lens of the arts generates a measurably deeper level of comprehension and retention in students.

Salvador Elementary commits to the artistic process, creativity, communication, collaboration and critical thinking as the model for learning across disciplines while inspiring our diverse community with a passion for curiosity. 


What do we really want our kids to learn at school?  Reading?  Math?  Science?  Yes, of course, but more important is to teach our kids to be critical thinkers and problem solvers.  At Salvador Elementary School, we value inquiry, creativity, and the 21st century skills of communication and collaboration.  To meet these goals we are delivering academics through a unique framework called Artful Learning.  As one of four magnet schools in the Napa Valley Unified School District, Salvador is redesigning the school program by integrating the arts and the artistic process into the daily classroom experience.    This unique methodology employs an interdisciplinary approach that is anchored by a central Concept while posing a Significant Question that allow educators to teach a broad spectrum of rigorous academic content.  Studying through the arts generates deeper comprehension for students and high levels of student engagement.

Artful Learning, supported by the Leonard Bernstein Center, http://www.leonardbernstein.com/artful_learning.htm, is working with Salvador staff to implement this school reform model based on Bernstein’s belief that that the process of experiencing the arts, provides a fundamental way to instill a lifelong love of learning in children.  The model; experience, inquire, create, reflect, starts with a Masterwork experience.  Students learn about a painting, photograph, song, or other art piece.  This immediate engagement leaves students curious to learn more.  The Significant Question guides the inquiry and students use a variety of research techniques to delve into the content.  As students inquire, new understandings develop and connections are made.  After the learning, students design and complete an Original Creation – a tangible, artistic manifestation that demonstrates their understanding of the new knowledge.  This final product is then ready for presentation.  Finally, students reflect on their learning.  This process is documented through narratives, maps and metaphors that enable students to make connections to their lives and the world around them.

Salvador teachers just completed the first of three phases of training.  Teachers mapped their standards in order to develop interdisciplinary units and create inquiry centers for learning.  Teachers were introduced to more than a dozen arts-based strategies that will be infused across the curriculum for increased student understanding and cognitive development.  Although the training was intense and took the teachers out of the classroom, every teacher left feeling renewed as teachers and anxious to employ this new model of instruction.

The success of this program will hinge on the development of artist partnerships to support students in their original creations.  Working with the teachers and offering master classes for students to perfect their artistic skills will be a crucial role that artists will play in this model of implementation.  Music, metal, watercolor, clay, etc. are all mediums that can be used to reflect student learning and expand their artistic repertoire.  Developing these partnerships within our community will help us sustain a program designed to develop students into creative, innovative, solution-driven individuals that we need for the future success of our economy.   If you’re interested in getting involved in this exciting project, please contact Pam Perkins, Principal of Salvador at pperkins@nvusd.k12.ca.us or visit our website:  http://salvadorschool.com/

A special thank you to The California Art’s Council for their support allowing us to work for the amazing Magical Moonshine Theater!


Kindergarten & Open Enrollment takes place during the month of February. Go to your neighborhood school to register and then request Salvador Elementary School as your school of choice.

New Student/Informational Open House:  Call us at 707-253-3476 to set up an appointment.

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1850 Salvador Avenue, Napa, CA 94558

(707) 253-3476 


Salvador School was built in 1868 on Big Ranch Road and was named after Salvador Vallejo, a county rancher.  Salvador is one of the oldest schools in Napa and was originally a one-room facility with 8-9 students, lit by kerosene lamp and heated with a wood stove.  It burned down and was replaced on the same site in 1893.  The second Salvador School is today a lovely restored home.  In 1922 Salvador, Jefferson and Oak Knoll Schools consolidated and third Salvador was built on the present site off of Highway 29 and Salvador Avenue.

Emergency Evacuation Plan

In order to provide a safe, secure and healthy environment for your child, Salvador School updates its School Safety Plan each year. In addition to updating our written plan (which includes procedures for fire drills, earthquake drills, lockdown drills, etc.), Salvdor School’s staff makes sure that each classroom is equipped with a first aid kit, water and a nutritious snack for each student.

In most cases of evacuation for Salvador School the playing fields would be the evacuation site otherwise, the evacuation site for Salvador School is Covenant Presbyterian Church. In the case of an emergency in which the Salvador School campus was deemed unsafe, students would be moved to the evacuation site in as safe and timely a manner as possible.

The Salvador school Crisis Response team would operate the evacuation site to insure a safe and orderly pick-up/release of students. If picking up a student, parents/guardians must be sure to bring a photo I.D. such as a driver’s license. Without verification, staff will not release any student. In addition, no child will be released to anyone other than the persons designated on the emergency release instruction form returned by families at the beginning of the school year.

The Salvador School’s evacuation site is

Covenant Presbyterian Church
1226 Salvador Ave Napa, CA 94558 at the church parking lot

Salvador School’s second evacuation site is: CrossPointe Church
Address Salvador Ave. Location Church parking lot

If the school is involved in a lock-down situation, the evacuation site is the designated meeting area where parents/guardians should wait for information and the eventual release of their student into their care. School and District personnel will be on site at the evacuation center to provide parents with information about the status and safety of their students. Parents MUST NOT go directly to the school in the event of a lock-down or evacuation. Parents/guardians can also listen to local media (KVON AM 1440; KVYN FM 99.3; KBBF FM 89.1) for updates on the emergency situation, but your best source of up-to-date information will be at the evaucation site.
If you have further questions about Salvador School’s safety plan, please call the office at

Estimados padres, 31Octobre 2011

Para proporcionar un seguro, asegure y ambiente sano para su niño, actualizaciones de la escuela del Salvador su plan de la seguridad de la escuela cada año. Además de poner al día nuestro plan escrito (que incluye los procedimientos para los simulacros de incendio, el terremoto perfora, lockdown perfora, etc.), el personal de la escuela de Salvdor se cerciora de que cada sala de clase esté equipada de un kit de primeros auxilios, de agua y de un bocado nutritivo para cada estudiante.

En la mayoría de los casos de la evacuación para el Salvador la escuela que los campos que juegan serían el sitio de la evacuación de otra manera, el sitio de la evacuación para la escuela del Salvador es iglesia Presbyterian del convenio. En el caso de una emergencia en la cual el campus de la escuela del Salvador era juzgado inseguro, moverían a los estudiantes al sitio de la evacuación adentro tan seguro y oportuno una manera como sea posible.

El Salvador el equipo de la respuesta de la crisis de la escuela funcionaría el sitio de la evacuación para asegurar una recogida/un lanzamiento seguros y ordenados de estudiantes. Si escogen encima de un estudiante, los padres/los guardas deben ser seguros traer una foto I.D. por ejemplo una licencia de conductor. Sin la verificación, el personal no lanzará a ningún estudiante. Además, no se lanzará a ningún niño a cualquier persona con excepción de las personas señaladas en la forma de la instrucción del lanzamiento de la emergencia vuelta por las familias al principio del año escolar.

El sitio de la evacuación de la escuela del Salvador es:Iglesia Presbyterian del convenio
Dirección Avenida 1226 del Salvador Localización Napa en la porción del estacionamiento de la iglesia

Salvador Escuela ‘ el sitio de la evacuación de s segundo es: Iglesia de CrossPointe
Dirección Avenida del Salvador. Localización Porción del estacionamiento de la iglesia
Si la escuela está implicada en una situación del lock-down, el sitio de la evacuación es el área que satisface señalada donde los padres/los guardas deben esperar la información y el lanzamiento eventual de su estudiante en su cuidado. El personal de la escuela y del districto estará en sitio en el centro de la evacuación para proveer de padres la información sobre el estado y la seguridad de sus estudiantes. Los padres NO DEBEN ir directamente a la escuela en el acontecimiento de un lock-down o de una evacuación. Los padres/los guardas pueden también escuchar los medios locales (KVON 1440; KVYN FM 99.3; KBBF FM 89.1) para las actualizaciones en la situación de la emergencia, pero su mejor fuente de la información actualizada esté en el sitio del evaucation.
Si usted tiene más futuro las preguntas sobre el Salvador enseñaron plan de seguridad, llaman por favor la oficina en